It’s the end of SUSE Hackweek Number 18!

Development kind of went on-hold after I hired on to SUSE. HOWEVER, one of the benefits of working with SUSE is we get regular HACKWEEKS! That means we get a week to work on whatever we want. Of course, MY Hackweek project is going to be QLogo.

I separated the QLogo GUI from the Logo language interpreter. This means that Logo can be run from a terminal like any other normal interpreter, like Python or Perl. However, because an important part of Logo is the turtle, there is also a graphical user interface for working with Logo.

So, the logo binary is the language interpreter, and QLogo is the GUI application that interfaces with logo. The logo interpreter can now run in a terminal environment.

This simplifies so many things. Trying to coordinate the language interpreter with the GUI as two separate threads was starting to look daunting!

Anyway, thank you, SUSE, for Hackweek 18! And I’ll try to keep QLogo development going even when it’s not Hackweek.