I had thought that UCBLogo was dead, but it looks like it’s got some life in it still.

Some notable developments:

  • It looks like the UCBLogo project has a new primary contributor.
  • The main creator of UCBLogo, Brian Harvey, is still contributing quite a bit to the project.
  • UCBLogo source is now on GitHub
  • UCBLogo is now at version 6.1. It looks like the newest version includes a bunch of minor changes. I’m mostly interested in changes to the language itself. I need to see what those are; I haven’t looked yet.

The Future of UCBLogo: Objects

An interesting aspect of current UCBLogo development is the work they are doing with objects. Objects are something I have been avoiding because I didn’t understand how they could be a part of the language and yet still make the language accessible to new programmers.

I always thought that adding objects to a language would be a huge hinderance to learning programming. It’s easy to explain what is a word or a list or an array; objects are more complex and abstract. I assume that Brian Harvey wouldn’t add objects unless he could find a way to make them both easy to understand and useful.

I’m interested to see what Harvey and his team will come up with. For now, I am playing with version 6.1.